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Shoe Tips To Keep Your Feet Happy From The Missionary Store Part 2

Oct 23, 2017 · lds missionary clothing · missionary clothing · missionary shoes · The Missionary Store

Once you receive the call to serve on your mission, the process of acquiring the needed missionary clothing and travel gear needed to serve as a representative of the Lord for the next two years begins. While elders and sisters will be faced with a mountain of information and advice, one area that we feel requires extra attention is the purchasing of quality missionary shoes. The Missionary Store was founded to provide unbeatable advice and durable products to help missionaries excel in any environment. From our affordable missionary packages to travel accessories and more, we strive to provide all of the necessary Latter-Day Saint missionary clothing to Ogden and beyond.

All of your proselytizing preparations may all prove to be for naught if you are sent home early with foot complications. Today, we’ll continue to look at shoe tips that should prove useful in keeping your feet happy for the long haul. Be sure to stop by our Latter-Day Saint clothing store or contact us today with help preparing for your mission!

Quality Socking

Investing in shoes is very important, as is spending the extra money to ensure that you are equipped with quality socks. Failing to do so can result in serious health concerns in addition to prematurely worn shoes. It’s important to find a material that breathes while wicking moisture away from your feet in the process. It’s essential to keep on top of your sock regimen, swapping them out daily for clean pairs. Reusing socks can be as uncomfortable as it it is hazardous, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms. Our experts will be happy to offer advice concerning your sock investment, such as washing the socks inside out for a better clean.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

Missionaries will quickly learn that their shoes will wear out regardless of the quality of construction. One way to extend the lifespan of your missionary shoes is to rotate them on a daily basis. After one full day of use, it is recommended to allow for two days of rest for the best result. Giving your footwear time to air out will help to dry out the shoes while giving them a chance to regain their natural shape. Wearing shoes that are not fully dry will drastically cut down on the lifespan, creating both financial and health issues for you as the missionary.

Shining Shoes for Success

Take care of your missionary shoes, and they will take care of you. Dirt and grime can work their way into the crevices of your nice leather shoes, breaking down the finish and causing problems in the process. It’s important to thoroughly clean your shoes inside and out. Simply using a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the dirt will make a major difference when it comes to grime and microbial invasions. A brush is also handy in knocking the dirt and dust off of your shoes. It’s helpful to shine your shoes often, as this task seals your shoes to protect from outside damages in addition to looking great.

Taking Shoes off the Right Way

Oftentimes, the majority of damage done to your missionary shoes occurs when taking them off or putting them on. Many people will invest in quality leather shoes, only to cause them harm by jamming their feet into them on a daily basis. Your heel counter is the essential part of any shoe that provides support and structure for the entire product. When worn out, this area in the heel will break down, creating a myriad of risks for your feet. Keeping your alignment straight and your shoes healthy will pay off big throughout the mission. Be mindful to simply untie and retie your shoes every time, taking special care not to step on the heel’s collar. The Missionary Store supplies the shoe accessories to help you take care of your footwear the right way!

Taking care of your feet will help to make your life much easier during the next two years. From buying quality missionary shoes to using the products needed to keep them fresh, it falls on elders and sisters to maintain their products for the best outcome. The Missionary Store is here to provide all of the needed gear and Latter-Day Saint missionary clothing to Ogden, Layton, and beyond. Our experienced tailors will provide the professional advice and service needed to fully prepare you for the journey ahead. Be sure to stop by our store for help our check out our online shop today to begin!

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