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Shoe Tips To Keep Your Feet Happy From The Missionary Store Part 1

Oct 10, 2017 · missionary clothing stores · missionary shoes · The Missionary Store

While many of us strive to be a cost-minded as possible, there are some aspects where extra money should be invested for the best possible outcome. Failing to purchase the proper goods can lead to disaster. Latter-Day Saint missionaries who are called to serve, for example, should place a high emphasis on the quality of their footwear. Based on where you are called to serve, missionaries can walk up to 20 miles a day! When multiplied by 730 days, it’s easy to see how proper foot and shoe care is essential for Brothers and Sisters across the globe. The Missionary Store is proud to be your source for the best Latter-Day Saint missionary clothing in Ogden and Farmington, providing Latter-Day Saint Missionary attire to our customers that are coupled with excellent service. Our premier collection of Latter-Day Saint missionary suits and accessories ensures that elders who receive the call will be ready once they report to their Missionary Training Center. Our online missionary clothing store provides durable products that will support you through the toughest environments.

While our focus on quality Latter-Day Saint clothing products cannot be matched, it’s the hidden dangers surrounding foot health that many missionaries should be wary of. Today, we’ll take the time to highlight the dangers of improper missionary shoe care, as well as tips that can prove very beneficial to those who are spending all of their time walking. When ready, be sure to stop by The Missionary Store in Ogden to begin!

Dangers Hidden Underfoot

Having happy, healthy feet will be necessary in order to properly proselytize on your mission. Many people fail to realize the importance of complete foot health until it is too late. From stress fractures to bacterial infections, the range of dangers for your feet make them a top target throughout your mission. Wearing the proper footwear is one way to help, in addition to daily care and prevention. Health issues as small as ingrown toenails here can quickly spiral out of control for Brothers or Sisters, with foot health issues being among the top reasons why missionaries are sent home early. Elders and sisters alike can benefit from taking the time to update their footcare regimen, making the entire process much more comfortable!

Keeping Everything Clean

The most basic step that can help you in your quest for optimal foot health is keeping your feet clean on a daily basis. It’ll prove useful to get into the habit of checking your feet nightly, checking for issues before going through the normal wash routine. Any problems, such as a fungal infection, should be addressed at this stage. It’s important to ensure that your feet are cared for and rested every night. By letting your feet air out and relax, you’re investing in a better tomorrow once it’s time to hit the trail. Keep everything clean and dry for the best results!

Proper Trimming Techniques

Ingrown toenails can sink any plan, making the proper cutting of your toenails an essential part of the equation. Failing to prevent or subsequently treat ingrown toes can lead to medical attention, in some cases resulting in surgery! Our missionary clothing store suggests that elders and sisters trim their toenails straight across instead of cutting down into the sides. Otherwise, infections can quickly develop in the irritated area.

Investing in the Perfect Fit

Finding a shoe that looks great is nice, but the fact of the matter is that your footwear’s value depends almost entirely on how it fits. Sliding into shoes that are not the right size for your feet can prove to be disastrous when serving. When your footwear is too big, the risk exists for rolling an ankle, tripping, and so on. Donning kicks that are too small can cause ingrown toenails and aggravating blisters. It is also important to find missionary shoes that provide the support your arches need for daily use. Failing to wear the right footwear can lead to serious issues such as plantar fasciitis. Be sure to do your research before shopping, and be sure to stop by The Missionary Store before buying!

Our experts will be able to provide more insight into the value of properly fitting footwear. Your toe box, for example, should allow for ample toe room. Eliminating small problems now will make a big difference in the future. Every negative of your shoes will be magnified tenfold over the course of your mission, which is why our missionary experts are here to help.

Keeping your feet happy and healthy will go a long way toward making your life much more enjoyable while proselytizing for the Church. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by discussing more foot and shoe care tips to help make the mission more comfortable. Our store provides the best Latter-Day Saint missionary clothing to Ogden and beyond, supplying customers with quality and guidance every step of the way. Stop by The Missionary Store clothing store today or contact us to get started!

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