Featherweight Modern Fit Missionary Suit by CTR Clothing

$229.99 $400.00

Product Description

The Featherweight suit is cut from an amazing fabric called Super Tetron, which is made from strands about 1/10th the thickness of a human hair and densely woven on a cashmere loom.  In other words, you get a suit that is not only lightweight but very durable.

    • Recommended for all mission climates
    • Modern Fit
    • 2 Pair of Pants
    • Pants 6" smaller than chest size (40 regular includes 34 waist)
    • Superior Microfiber
    • Wrinkle Resistant
    • Stain Resistant
    • French cut pockets
    • Security pockets
    • Reinforced Pockets
    • Superior Linings
    • Sweat Shields
    • Lined to the Knee
    • Stretch Waistband
    • Stretch Armhole 
    • Suspender Ready
    • Reinforced Crotch
    • Flat Front Slack
    • Un-Finished bottoms (38" inseam included)
    • Pants are sold un-hemmed, allowing you the ability to get the right pant length when you have them tailored.